the IN crowd

senior model team

presented by

infinite smiles photography

the IN crowd is an ELITE and exclusive model team comprised of seniors from the surrounding areas. The girls gain experience in marketing, social media trends and algorithms, photography, lighting, fashion, recruitment and of course, modeling!  We've even had 3 lovelies chosen to model for an online boutique!


What are the requirements for an opportunity to be chosen for the IN crowd?

1. Sign up for a Senior Portrait Session with infinite smiles.

2 BE INVOLVED! Be involved in your high school, in your community, in your church or any other public/private entities.

3 Be in good standing with your school. No detentions or suspensions please.

4 Have a positive and enthusiastic attitude! You will be who people want to hear from when choosing their senior photographer.




*** All selections are final. I will not have official alternate spots but you could receive a call, in the event that someone was unable to fulfill their obligation, if you are not selected for the original team. Each year, I evaluate my team and their performance, my goals and community involvement and determine the number of models I will select for the following year. My current team will often submit confidential referrals, as well. I would take all of you if I could!


Does it cost anything to be part of the IN crowd?

 Not a single dime unless you choose to spend it. I work hard to provide clothing options, props and snacks when we're together.


What do I get out of the program?

Team member commitment is completely voluntary but the time spent together can be utilized on job applications (Model rep or marketing rep, because you will be both of those things for me!), scholarship applications and community service hours, not to mention life long friendships! My girls are role models for future team members and the face of my senior program. You will be held to a high standard and treated like family! Bottom line: We learn a lot from each other, work hard to bring you beautiful, inspiring images, have ALOT of fun and we become a small, little family!


Thank you for interest in infinite smiles and the IN crowd!  I look forward to seeing what my new team will bring each year!!